VINCENTKA NASALIS, made from the concentrate of the natural, curative, highly mineralized, iodine, carbonated, chloride-, sodium-, and bicarbonate-rich mineral water VINCENTKA®, is intended for nasal and nasopharyngeal rinsing.

  • for children 3+
  • for pregnant women
  • for nursing women

Measure the concentrate

Using the measuring spoon, pour 20 ml of the concentrate into the spout

Add water

Fill the spout with approximately 230 ml of lukewarm or boiled water (approximately 37 °C)

Rinse out your nose

Turn the spout upwards so that the solution can flow spontaneously through the inner part of your nose and flow back out from the other nostril

Blow your nose

Remove the remaining solution by gently blowing your nose, the result will be an unstuffed nose

For nasal or nasopharyngeal rinsing for the following reasons:


  • to accelerate regeneration of the natural environment of the nasal mucosa, functional movement of the nasal cilia, and overall defence mechanisms of the body
  • during the period of increased occurrence of upper respiratory tract infections, in allergy patients hypersensitive to pollen and dust at the time of their elevated occurrence in the air.
  • in patients with dry mucous membranes during sleep and snoring
  • in patients with repeated nosebleed and crust formation

For acute conditions

  • in patients with inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, whether acute or chronic
  • in patients after nasal septum or nasal mucosal surgery, due to reduced nasal patency
  • after surgery of the nasal cavity, sinuses, lacrimal tracts or tumors in these areas
  • after endoscopic surgery known as functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS)
  • after nasopharyngeal or soft palate surgery (patients with snoring)
  • in patients suffering from the formation of crusts or thick mucus
  • in patients with dry anterior rhinitis sicca (dry atrophic rhinitis)

As a preparation before:

  • administration of medications into the nose, because it increases their efficacy
  • nasal or sinus surgery
  • endoscopic examination of the nose and nasopharynx

As daily care of the upper respiratory tracts


Not known; no allergic reactions have been reported after the application of VINCENTKA NASALIS to the mucous membranes of the respiratory and/or swallowing tracts. Theoretically, hypersensitivity to any ingredient  of the solution may occur. In some patients, excessive use may result in traces of blood in the outgoing rinsing solution or itching or burning or stinging feeling in the nose. This need not be a reason for discontinuation, but may require adjustment of the way and frequency of rinsing.

Excerpt from the analysis of the concentrated solution:

hydrogen carbonates mg/l 5040
carbonates mg/l 5020
fluorides mg/l 10.0
iodides mg/l 31.0



VINCENTKA concentrate, Glycerol, Citric acid. The solution contains no preservatives.


At ambient temperatures below 25°C in a dry and dark place

Each package contains:

300 ml VINCENTKA NASALIS (concentrate) for 15 rinses, 1 plastic rinsing spout, 1 measuring spoon, instructions for use.


The starting kit contains the Rhino Horn nasal cleansing system from Yogaprosess AS.

The refill package of the VINCENTKA NASALIS concentrate can be obtained separately at your pharmacy.