The magic natural release of this unique mineral water from a curative source at Luhačovice began in late Tertiary when the Earth was inhabited by dinosaurs. This place was later a cave with settlement of ice age hunters, and younger archaeological findings reveal presence of stone age farmers. Archaeologists believe that people were able to use mineral springs already then. The story continues until the present days.

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Change of the Vincentka bottling technology

Vincentka bottling in glass was stopped and replaced with the technology of bottling in plastic, which continued to be used until 1985, when bottling in returnable glass bottles was resumed.

New Vincentka bottling station

Together with construction of the new colonnade the old bottling station of 1852 was pulled down and a new building with new modern bottling technology was built on the slope of Velká Kamenná over the road in the place of the current bottling station.

Vincentka bottling station built

A wooden colonnade was built along the path to the Vincentka spring and a new, bigger bottling station with a bottle store was built in the place of the former bottling station. The bottling station was equipped with technology for glass bottle washing and filling.

Mineral water bottling

Major Moravian builders, František and Kajetán Vašíčeks, designed new spa buildings since 1820 to order placed by Jan Nepomuk Serényi, including Jan´s House with Vincentka mineral spa and bottling station. The mineral water began to be bottled in 1.5 l glass bottles instead of the former ceramic flasks.