Nature’s Gift

There are various types of gifts: those we give to express our love, admiration or respect, the gifts we use to win someone’s favour, sacrificial offerings, and gifts for celebration or reconciliation. Then there are nature’s gifts, which make no claims and are typically modest and humble. There is no practical or emotional rationale behind them – they are simply here. They do not seek our attention or admiration, although they are among the most precious gifts one can receive.

There are very few products which have not changed in composition and substance over the centuries of their existence. Most are the gifts of mother nature.

One of these is the healing spring Vincentka, which brings health from the crystal-clear, natural depths of the Tertiary era. The precious residual sea water from the Tertiary era has not changed over millions of years, and in the 20 years of the Vicentka’s modern history the range of gifts for health from deep within nature is incredibly wide and varied.

Unique| Original

Vincentka is a unique and unparalleled product. Its originality stems from the place and time of its origins in the exceptional lithological, tectonic and geochemical conditions of the early Tertiary era. The unique underlying geological layer in and around Luhačovice forms flysches. These are characterised by alternating layers of sandstone, conglomerates and mudstone. As these rocks are not water-permeable, the residual water from the Tertiary sea has been preserved deep underground. However, tectonic breaks in the impermeable rocks around Luhačovice allow this water to rise to the surface. The healing effects of Vincentka are substantiated not only by study of its composition and by corroboration by physicians, but also by the historically close connection between the healing spring and the Luhačovice spa.

Vincentka was known as a universal medicine and “our grandmothers’medicine”. Its healing and preventative effects have been proven by centuries of use. Its content and the balance of mineral salts and elements within it give Vincentka the ability to help dissolve phlegm in the airways, stomach and intestines. Drinking and inhalation therapies are recommended for sufferers of respiratory and vocal chord diseases, metabolic disorders, ulcerative gastric and duodenal problems, for recovery after gastric or duodenal surgery, for chronic liver enlargement, diabetes mellitus or chronic pancreatitis. The mineral water helps to regenerate the internal environment in the human body after heavy sweating (sport, hard physical labour or high fever) and brings the metabolism back into balance after alcoholic excesses.

One sip of Vincentka suffices to meet the daily recommended intake of iodine, which is important for thyroid gland function and may also help to prevent dental cavities in children. Vincentka is suitable as a nutritional supplement for athletes, children, pregnant women and people recovering from illness. It is also recommended to prevent the occurrence and recurrence of dry inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane.

Healthy breathing plays a major role in our lives. Vincentka’s unique characteristics have made it a trusted friend for all people who need to focus on preventing damage to and healing their airways. This includes not only mothers with small children, pregnant women, athletes or artists whose voices need care, but also anyone with an active approach to life.

The Luhačovice spa joint-stock company was founded in 1902 with the aim of modernising the spa’s operation and creating a cultural and social centre. The company’s management entrusted the reconstruction of the spa premises to the architect Dušan Jurkovič.

His contribution led to changes to the appearance and atmosphere of the spa in a short period of time. The Jurkovič House on the square, Lázeňské náměstí, continues to attract attention. The spring and borehole, from which Vincentka is drawn, is near the house.

Vincentka is created by mixing residual sea water and regular underground water with natural carbon dioxide. However, its composition differs greatly from today’s sea water.

The sea that serves as the source of Vincentka comes from the Tertiary era, i.e. from prehistoric times, when seas were unaffected by artificial fertilisers, pesticides, waste water from chemical and water treatment plants or from other modern conveniences with which people have “enriched” nature.

The original mineral sea water dates from the time when the sediments formed. The natural spring structure at Luhačovice therefore dates to the Eocene era, the informal geological section of the Tertiary era, approximately 60 million years ago.

What is residual sea water?

It is sea water that was trapped in the Tertiary rock folds and volcanic activity 60 million years ago.

As it is squeezed upwards, it comes into contact with natural carbon dioxide at certain depths and forms diluted carbonic acid, which dissolves and gathers mineral salts from individual geological layers as it rises to the surface and then mixes with underground water in a ratio which creates drinkable water with a content of mineral salts which have healing effects.

The unique healing character of Vincentka has not changed over the centuries. Only the quality of preparatory processing and bottling has changed with technology, and the quality of the monitoring of its chemical composition has improved the stability and shelf life of this natural mineral water.



The magical natural performance delivered by the unique mineral water from the Luhačovice healing spring began during the early Tertiary era, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Cave-dwelling hunters from the ice age and more recent farmers from the stone age later joined the show. Archaeologists believe that people very probably already knew the uses of mineral water during those eras. The story continues to this day and VINCENTKA plays a leading role.

VINCENTKA has been associated with the following slogan from the beginning of its modern history: