Vincentka Nasal Spray Standard

Mechanical spray for nasal hygiene and prevention of nasophsaryngeal diseases with mineral water from VINCENTKA® natural healing source – residual seawater from the depths of the earth.

100% natural product

for children 3+ for pregnant women for nursing women

Helps maintain the physiological cleansing capacity of the nasal mucosa (the function of the ciliary epithelium), allowing the optimal function of so-called mucosal immunity as the primary defence against infection.

It is used to moisten the mucosa of the entire nasal cavity and nasopharynx, especially when staying in a low relative humidity environment, in rooms heated by central heating and in a particle polluted environment, especially with dust particles.

The overall composition of hypotonic acidulous water containing iodides positively affects body defence in terms of the prevention of chronic bacterial infections of the upper respiratory tract, chronic rhinitis, sinusitis and chronic polyp nasopharyngitis; in children, it prevents the development of recurrent tracheobronchitis and rhinitis. Use of the product is also suitable in conditions after nasal tonsil surgery. It is also recommended against dry nasal mucosa inflammation and to prevent recurrence.

  • As necessary, the daily dose is not limited.

The high mineral salt content in the nasal spray may cause salt crystals to deposit on the bottom of the vial, but they do not reduce the quality of the contents. These crystals may cause clogging of the sprayer mechanism (applicator). In this case, we recommend to unscrew the applicator from the glass vial and immerse the suction hose into a glass with warm water. Press the applicator several times so that the water is sucked in and cleans the applicator.

Mineral water from a natural healing source, highly mineralized, iodine, carbonic, bicarbonate-chloride-sodium type, with increased content of fluorides and boric acid, cold, hypotonic, iron removed.

25 ml in a rotary glass vial from brown glass with a mechanical nasal spray applicator with a protective cap.