Vincentka is not just mineral water.

Many reasons why

Vincentka – nature from deep within nature

The residual water was trapped here by Tertiary folds and volcanic activity 60 million years ago. As it is squeezed upwards, it comes into contact with natural carbon dioxide at ... more

Versatile use of Vincentka

Vincentka healing water is intended for drinking therapies, gargling, inhalation and bathing. It should be taken twice a day when fasting at doses between 2.5–3.5 dl. Drinking therapy should last ... more

Health From the Depths of Nature

Vincentka is a unique natural mineral water from a curative natural resource, strongly mineralised, iodine-enriched, carbonated mineral water of the hydrogen-carbon-chlorine-sodium type, with increased levels of fluorides and boric acid.

About Vincentka