There are many reasons why the natural mineral water Vincentka which rises to the surface in the valley of the Luhačovický stream is one of the most sought-after mineral waters in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia. Let’s look at a few of these reasons to find out why this water has won admiration, a good reputation and trust, not only in the local market, but in many other countries worldwide.


A sea story over 60 million years old

Vincentka is created by mixing residual sea water with regular underground water and natural carbon dioxide. The sea that serves as the source for Vincentka comes from the Tertiary era, i.e. a prehistoric era unaffected by the problems of a civilised lifestyle.


Vincentka – nature from deep within nature

The residual water was trapped here by Tertiary folds and volcanic activity 60 million years ago. As it is squeezed upwards, it comes into contact with natural carbon dioxide at certain depths and forms diluted carbonic acid, which dissolves and gathers mineral salts from individual geological layers as it rises to the surface and then mixes with underground water about 300-200 m underground in a ratio which creates drinkable and healing water with mineral salt content.  The unique healing character of Vincentka has not changed over centuries.


First mention

It will soon be 350 years since 1669, when Jan Ferdinand Hertod, a physician from Brno presented his written report on the salty water in Luhačovice. There are very few products that have not changed their composition and substance over centuries of existence, with  consistently confirmed quality. Most of these are the gifts of mother nature. The healing spring Vincentka, giving natural health from the depths of the Tertiary period is one of these.


Diversity of Vincentka products

The manufacture of the products offered as part of the company’s portfolio, which currently account for a major share of the production, meets the same strict quality standards as the natural mineral water. These include nasal sprays, syrups, lozenges, Nasalis rinsing concentrate or moisturising creams. Vincentka’s main strength lies in its uniqueness and a combination of materials that make Vincentka a healing water well tolerated and comfortable for the human body.


Rich and interesting history of Vincentka

The story of Vincentka started in the Tertiary era with the first use of the mineral water by people in the ice age, continued through the development of the spa industry in Luhačovice to the current times. It is a fascinating tale of diligence, inventiveness and entrepreneurial talent; a story about the relationship between people and nature and respect for the riches we receive from nature.


Historical name Vincentka

The name Vincentka comes from Count Vincenc Serenyi (1752–1810), who was the successor and administrator of the Luhačovice manor and significantly influenced use of the Luhačovice mineral waters and development of the spa industry.

Vincentka serving all year round

Vincentka used to be a typically seasonal product with sales peaking with the arrival of cold and flu epidemics in autumn and winter and allergic reactions in spring. This situation is gradually changing. In spring, the mineral water helps us overcome spring fatigue, in summer it delivers the salts and minerals needed by anyone engaged in sport or other active leisure activities, and in autumn and winter it creates a barrier against viruses, germs and breathing problems.


Vincentka and an incredible range of elements

Vincentka is described with some degree of exaggeration as mineral water containing the entire periodic table of elements. It is a heavily mineralised, iodised and carbonated mineral water from a natural healing spring of the sodium and chlorine bicarbonate type with increased content of fluorides and boric acid and it is cold and hypotonic. It contains sodium, potassium, calcium, lithium, magnesium, fluorine, chlorine, iodine and iron ions. However, iron is removed before bottling. The total mineralisation is 9500 mg/l. The mineral water with osmotic pressure of 634.7 kPa is similar in its osmotic concentration to human blood and intracellular fluids. It contains biogenic elements, such as lithium, rubidium, caesium, copper, zinc, vanadium, chrome or cobalt in physiological ratios.


Versatile use of Vincentka

Vincentka healing water is intended for drinking therapies, gargling, inhalation and bathing. It should be taken twice a day when fasting at doses between 2.5–3.5 dl. Drinking therapy should last 15–20 days. Vincentka can be consumed cold or heated and no food or drink should be consumed for thirty minutes after drinking the mineral water.


Vincentka worldwide

Vincentka has significantly expanded globally over the last 20 years. While the local market remains its key domain, it is also available to customers in many other countries, such as Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Russia, Ukraine and Cyprus. People in the USA and South Korea are also familiar with this brand and Vincentka has become rather popular in China. Members of the Chinese traffic police inhale Vincentka through sprays because it helps them remove smog particles from their bronchial tubes.


Olympic Vincentka

Vincentka has lately become a product highly sought-after by mothers with small children, pregnant women, athletes and people with an active approach to life. It is little surprise that it has become a trusted partner for many of our outstanding athletes and accompanied them to the winter Olympic Games in Korea.

“For Ondra Moravec and me, Vincentka is primarily for prevention,.” says the biathlete Michal Krčmář, who won a silver medal at the Olympic games in Korea, and he adds: “When we travel by air, the air-conditioning is unpleasant. We start with the nasal spray and after arrival, we use Nasalis as a nasal rinse. We often have congested sinuses in winter and Nasalis helps us tackle congestion so that we can be active again. It puts me back into working order very fast and that’s the most important thing for me. This year, I have even started using Vincentka mineral water for prevention because we are under enormous stress and we sweat a lot, so replenishing the essential minerals is important. It is natural water, so we are not consuming some artificial chemicals and I like its taste too.”

Vincentka has thus become a part of Olympic athletes’ kit. Taken from deep within Wallachian nature, it shows us how to protect and care for our health and help to create optimal conditions for top performance without chemical substances or doping.


Všestranné použití Vincentky

Léčivá voda Vincentka je určena na pitné kúry, kloktání, k inhalacím a koupelím. Měla by se podávat dvakrát denně nalačno, v dávce 2,5–3,5 dl. Pitná kúra by měla trvat 15–20 dní. Pije se studená nebo ohřátá. Během následující půlhodiny po pitné kúře se nedoporučuje konzumace jídla ani pití.